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We are a team of Dentists, Implantologists, Orthadontists,  Patient Coordinators, Hygienists and Auxiliaries.

We have a team of over 15 professional and fully qualified dentists

There are many Dental Clinics in Marbella but none with the confidence and quality of our dental team, we experts in the best dental treatments. If you have any type of oral problem come to our Crooke Clinic where we offer you the best solutions.

Why Choose Us?


  • In guided surgery since 2005 and pioneers in europe in navigated surgery (X-Guide).


  • Modified zirconium in the lab to be more resistant and more natural looking.


  • A group of dentists each highly trained in their own fields.


  • Development of a methodology that is a unique combination of experience and technology, with the application of the Digital Smile Design philosophy for faster, more accurate and efficient treatments.


  • Innovation oriented to minimally invasive treatments, safer and more comfortable for the patient.
Dr. Eduardo Glez. de Aguilar

Implantology – Periodontic – Aesthetic Dentistry

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Dr. Rosa Gomez Laguna

Implantology – Prosthetics – Aesthetic Dentistry

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Dr. Felix Wucherpfennig Price

General dentistry and dental implants

Dr. Javier Bravo

General dentistry

Dra. Carmen Lopez Laserna

Implantology – Periodontic – Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Ricardo Recena Orlando

Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry

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