Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Digital Smile Design methodology provides the patient with visual mock up of the final results allowing you know exactly what your new smile will look like.

Our Cosmetic Treatments

3 Step Aesthetics allows us to deliver the best results in only 3 visits to the clinic

By using the most advanced technology and planning techniques, and having direct control over the whole process, we can reduce the number of visits to the clinic and the time spent on each visit. This allows us to offer faster treatments that return better results compared to traditional dentistry.

When do we need cosmetic dental treatment?

We can use any of these techniques to improve the appearance of the patient smile.

We use the latest technology like ITERO software to be able to show you the end result before you start treatment. 

Digitalization gives us security, precision and comfort for our patients

Crooke & Laguna offers surgery in implantology and zirconium rehabilitation with cutting-edge technology

  • In its continuous desire to improve the quality of treatments, Crooke & Laguna has opted to invest in appliances that allow its patients to offer a 100% digital flow in the vast majority of their treatments.
  • In all our patients we carried out a preliminary study for diagnosis and thorough planning of the case, in which in addition to 3D radiology and photography, we performed an intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth for a more complete diagnosis of the patient’s mouth. This allows us to rectify actions and anticipate results taking into account the expectations of the patient, both in veneer treatments, as prostheses on implants or orthodontics, as well as making modifications to be able to get as close as possible to the expected result.
  • In the case of implantology, this planning can be turned on the patient’s x-ray in order to program the placement of the implants with respect to the prosthesis that we want to put on later, which we can transfer in real time to his mouth thanks to the navigated surgery. This new system that we incorporated 1 year ago, allows us to work in the patient’s mouth as if it were a GPS, guiding the way forward in real time, which allows us greater security and precision when putting our implants, taking advantage of the maximum available bone.
  • After this, and thanks to the previous design, and with a new digital register, we can put teeth manufactured from a block of PMMA, which are more resistant and that serve as a guide for the patient’s final teeth.
  • In addition, thanks to advances in materials in recent years, we are already able to perform complete rehabilitations on implants in monobloc zirconium, thus avoiding metals. This offers us a high resistance of the prosthesis, a better aesthetic with greater translucency and more naturalness and eliminates the risk of peeling or chipping in the prosthesis.

What are the benefits for the patient?

  • COMFORT, since we avoid introducing silicones in the mouth.
  • QUALITY, since we place more precise, better adjusted and more resistant prostheses.
  • PREDICTIBILITY, since we have previously seen the design integrated with your photos and radiographs.
  • FAST, as it allows us to shorten times.

In short, digitalization means not only a modernization of our work system, but also a better service for our patients especially for durability and long lasting comfort.





The Steps of 3 Step Aesthetics

Smile design

  • Our patient coordinator will help you coordinate an appointment at the most convenient time
  • The smile design team will take the necessary photographs to design your ideal smile
  • Together with the smile design team you will review, modify and approve the smile design
  • You will get an appointment for the smile test

Smile Test

  • Your dentist will place the smile test in your mouth
  • They will take more photos and videos to show you the difference between your actual smile and your new smile
  • Your dentist will explain all the advisable treatment options and help you decide which ones are the most convenient for you
  • Treatment plan & quotation approval

The final beautiful & natural smile

  • Your dentist will perform the treatment you selected
  • They will explain the best practices to keep your smile beautiful and healthy
  • Post treatment photos



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