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Veneers are fast becoming popular because of recent technological advances.  We offer the latest materials such as Porcelain or Zirconium and techniques to design and fit the solution.

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Digital Smile Design

At Crooke Marbella we have implemented a new guided delivery system that allows us to place up to 10 veneers at once, reducing the finishing time and the number of appointments to just 2 and just 3 days apart, without compromising quality or the results. The material of our veneers is porcelain of the highest quality standard. Resistant, absolutely aesthetic, it doesn’t stain over time.

The treatment steps are as follows:

(1st day) Intraoral Scan & Whitening

Our dental aesthetic specialist will use an intraoral scan to carefully study and analyse the patient’s smile, gum line and facial traits. All of our prices include a previous clean from plaque and tartar and a whitening treatment with gum protector.


The end result is exactly what you agreed to because we use Digital Smile Design, which means you can take part of the design of your smile and see the results life before we even start treatment.

  • Study in depth of all the details to correct.
  • Custom design of the size and dental shape most suitable for the patient.
  • Project preview to properly guide the treatment


(2nd day) Final Smile

We obtain perfect alignment with minimal tooth carving, preserving healthy tooth structure. Thanks to our 3SHAPE technology, this means, painless procedure, no remakes, no mistakes and no temporaries. If you would like to see before and after case please click here

1.- Smile before treatment / 2.- Plaster model

3.- Digital planning / 4.- Analog model with corrected teeth

5.- Final Result Digital Smile Design

Did you know we can make smile makeovers with “one day veneers” in just 2 steps?

Special guided preparation system for ultra-thin veneers with 3D digital planning.

Veneer positioning splint that simplifies the cementation procedure with a time saving of up to 70% with no provisionals needed.


  • Conservative treatment: the carving is minimal, and in some cases it is not necessary to carve.
  • Improves the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Changes in teeth color that is resistant to bleaching.
  • It conceals small alterations in the position of the teeth.
  • Restores the anatomy of the tooth in cases of wear, fractures or malformations.
  • It covers the cracks in teeth aged or affected by bruxism or tightening.
  • Luminesers
  • Feldespato
  • Composite
  • Porcelain
  • Zirconium

And remember….

You can finance your treatment

Your treatment coordinator speaks your language

We can place up to 10 veneers at once



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