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3 Step Aesthetics

All 3 Step Aesthetics dental procedures begin with a complete diagnosis and smile design process. We use a variety of techniques to return the desired smile. From teeth whitening to veneers or crowns over teeth, we can keep your teeth and at the same time you are guaranteed the dream smile.

We have Guided Preparation systems for Ultrathin Veneers with 3D Digital Planning, we also have the latest technology in intraoral scanners (CEREC, ITERO, 3SHAPE) to design crowns even on the same day, all absolutely metal-free.

The joint work and development of our aesthetic specialists and our laboratory technicians means that we can offer our patients the best option, suited to the needs of each one. All this with leading brands in materials and technology.

And the best, at Crooke Marbella Dental Clinic we have implemented a new guided delivery system that allows us to place up to 10 teeth veneers at once, reducing the finishing time and the number of appointments to just 2 and just 3 days apart, without compromising quality or the results.

smile makeover with veneers

Did you know we can make smile makeovers with “one day veneers” in just 2 steps?

First Day

Smile before dental veneer, plaster model

1.- Smile before treatment / 2.- Plaster model

digital smile design for veneers

3.- Digital planning / 4.- Analog model with corrected teeth

Intraoral Scan, Photos and Digital Planning

Our dental aesthetics specialist will do an intraoral examination to study and analyze carefully the patient’s smile, gum line and facial features. If necessary a free prophylaxis will be done to work in the best conditions.

Smile design

The final result is always satisfactory for the patient and for the dentist because using design software, DSD (Digital Smile Design) the patient participates in the design of their smile and can see the results before starting the treatment.

Advantages of pre-design:

  • In-depth study of all the details to correct.
  • Personalized design of the most suitable size and tooth shape for the patient.
  • Smile preview to properly guide treatment.

Second Day



smile makeover with veneers

5.- Final Result Digital Smile Design

Final Smile

We obtain a perfect alignment with a minimum carving if necessary, preserving the dental structure. Thanks to our 3SHAPE technology, it is a painless, comfortable, error-free and time-free procedure in many cases.

  • Carving is minimal, and in some cases carving is not necessary.
  • Improves the aesthetics of the smile.
  • Color changes in teeth resistant to whitening.
  • It conceals small alterations in the position of the teeth.
  • Restores the anatomy of the tooth in cases of wear, fractures or malformations.
  • Covers cracks in teeth that are aged or affected by bruxism or clenching.

We use the best porcelains on the market:

  • Luminesers
  • Feldspar
  • Porcelain
  • Zirconia

We suit them to the individual needs and expectations of each patient, only by making available all the options on the market can we obtain the best possible results by following our 3step aesthetics system.

The technique requires thoroughness, since the carving is minimal (and in some cases non-existent), and the cementation must follow a rigorous protocol. That is why it must be done by a specialist in dental aesthetics.

smile makeover with veneers
veneers before and after

Composite veneers or bonding

When a cavity or fracture occurs in an anterior tooth, we must seek the maximum aesthetics to restore it. For this, we cannot use the same composites as to restore a caries of a posterior tooth, since in molars, the most important thing is resistance (although it must always be aesthetically good, of course); however, in the incisors and canines, the main thing is that it is “not noticed”, and for this the composite must have special fluorescence and polishing characteristics. Likewise, we will have to resort to the use of makeups to give texture to the tooth and special polishing systems to achieve high gloss and avoid subsequent staining of these fillings due to tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea …

With aesthetic composites we can also restore the aesthetics of the previous sector by making veneers. This treatment is faster than porcelain veneers and requires less carving, but it stains more with food and has some limitations on extensive restorations. We also work with preformed composite veneers that adapt to the tooth surface and modify the color or shape of the tooth. It is a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers.

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