Single & Bridge Zirconia Dental Implants

Single Implant

The unitary dental implant is the best option when you have lost a tooth. It can be made of titanium or zirconium and placed in the jaw to replace the lost tooth. The implants are fixed. For oral health, implants are more beneficial than bridges because they do not touch or damage adjacent teeth and are easier to clean. If we do not replace lost teeth, the rest of the adjacent teeth begin to move and some may even fall. In the long term, it can even change the appearance of the patient’s face.

Bridge (Multiple) Dental Implants

A bridge is an implant solution to replace two or more missing teeth. In the posterior area, for example, since more chewing force is needed, for 3 missing teeth, 3 implants are used. Depending on the area to be rehabilitated and the size of the implants, it will be necessary to place more or fewer implants. When there is enough bone, two long implants are used to replace 3 missing teeth.

Therefore, in the anterior areas (incisors and canines), two implants can be used to rehabilitate three or four teeth, but in the posterior areas (molars), being the maximum force masticatory zone, a greater number of implants are preferable (for example, three implants for four teeth or three implants for three teeth), always taking into account the available length and volume of the bone.

Do you know that we have dental implants without metal?

They are made of zirconium which are 100% metal free and fully compatible with soft tissue.

Materials We Use

Dental Clinic Crooke Marbella is a pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative solutions. Recently we have published the advantages of our materials, a combination developed by our technical team that improves the strength and natural look of the teeth, achieving greater stability and resistance to stains.

  • More resistant and safer
  • Aesthetically more beautiful
  • Clinically tested
  • Favor the formation of soft tissue
  • More stability

Full Arch Implants

We have many implant solutions which are for full upper and/or lower arch implants.  With our free consultation we produce a Implant Study including 3D scans to decide which solution is best suited for the patient.  We have a Peek Composite option,  Zirconium option and also ygomatic option for patients who have low bone density in the jaw.  

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