Eduardo Crooke Gonz De Aguilar

Dr. Crooke graduated in dentitry in Madrid in the year 2000 and in implantology in Goteborg. Since then, he has devoted his career to the practice of dental implants and Aesthetic restorations.
Today he has several specialised dental clinics in Spain and the UK, where all the dental procedures are carried out by a multicisplinary team with only the most experienced dentists in their own fields.
Each dental clinic has state of the art equipment and delivers trainig to other dental practitioners through Crooke Academy. He is an international reference in the field od advance surgery with more that 15 years experience in digital dentistry
During this time, he has develop a revolutionary methodology of work for implantology and digital aesthetics called 3StepSmiles. Capable of delivering long term solutions, faster and with better results. This has enable him to be the first dental clinic in Spain to be pioneer in navigated surgery
His advanced training has caused for specialisation in boneless rehabilitations with complex bone regeneration. His meritshave been awarded with 3 gold medals by Mlaga´s Dentistry College.

Academy Achievements

  • Europea university. madrid bachelor degree in odontology 1997-2002
  • Goteborg university implant dentistry 2002-2003

Training & Research

  • Tutor of advanced surgery and prosthetics inc. navigated surgery and guided surgery
  • Director of crooke academy marbella

Fields Of Expertise

  • Dental implants-inc. zygomatic, short and immediate loading
  • Advanced surgery inc navigated surgery and computer guided surgery
  • Prosthetics over dental implants inc teeth in 24 hours
  • Guided bone regeneration inc. sinus lift, bone graft


  • Gold medal for scientific merit school of dentistry, Malaga – 2002
  • Gold medal for innovation school of dentistry, Malaga – 2014


  • Member of the scientific commitee of school of dentistry 2014-2018
  • Sepes president 2014


  • Navigated surgery and computer guided surgery
  • Plasma rich in growth factors PRGF?
  • Zygomatics implants by nobelbiocare
  • Minimally invasive dentistry
  • guided bone regeneration
  • Digital smile design
  • Aligners such as invisalign, alineadent, medicalfit and ealigners
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