At Crooke Marbella dental clinic you have at your disposal all the peace of mind offered by our different types of sedation, intravenous, conscious or deep.


For patients who come from different parts of Spain or abroad, with our transfer service we can pick you up and take you from Malaga airport to the clinic.


We have at your disposal a collaboration network with special discounts on accommodation. We help you every step of the way..

Finance Plans

Personalised solutions for your oral health.

Exclusive Laboratory

We have at your disposal the speed and comfort of working with a laboratory exclusively that allows us to offer fast and better quality solutions.


We are part of an association of dental clinics that is committed to innovation and excellence, Best Quality Dental Center (BQDC)

Next Generation Technology

We invest on the latest technology to be able to offer our patients safer, more accurate solutions and to be able to perform all the necessary tests on site without having to wait if necessary.

Patient Coordinator

Every patient gets appointed a patient coordinator, someone you can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This person is going to be with you from the moment you pick the phone up to come to see us. For every doubt and for every question, she or he is in direct contact with the specialist and you will be guided every step of the way.

First visit with no commitment and totally free.

The first time you visit our Clinics, you will find our Patient Coordinator, who will guide you and assist you before you meet our Doctors. We have different clinics with the very best of equipment. So you will be in the safest hands with us.

  • Welcome to our clinic

Once you are with the Patient Coordinator they will take you through a questionnaire about your general health, and specific dental questions, since we want you to have the very best treatment.
With all this information you will the meet your Doctor in a dental office and they will examine your smile and will TAKE some pictures in order to have the most information of your mouth. If necessary, we will also do a CT Scan.

  • Consultation with specialist

Once they have done a complete studio of your smile and oral situation, they will recommend the special treatment suitable for you; in case you have any doubt, feel free to ask them!!! We are here to help you

  • Personalised Payment Plan

Then our Patient Coordinator will develop your TREATMENT PLAN and will explain to you every details, showing you pictures/videos… of similar cases, THE SCHEDULE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION (the steps the treatment will take) and YOUR PERSONALISED QUOTATION, informing you about different payment methods in order to help you as much as we can.

  • Feel free to ask

Do not hesitate to make them all the questions you need to clarify, because we are here to help you. Please, let us take care about your smile
Remember this 1st visit is for free, you will have not charge for it.

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