Which dental implant solution is right for me?

Depending on the amount of bone available on the patient´s mouth and its position, we can determine the best solution for the treatment.


In this solution Zirconium implants are used and the material of the teeth is Zirconium, so the result is a complete 100% metal-free rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can be done on both jaws. The aesthetic result is of a superior quality by far.


It is the best quality solution that we offer in our clinic. We use titanium implants and the number of implants is determined by the quality of the patient’s bone. It can be done in both the jaws. The material of the teeth is made of zirconium. This material has been modified by our technical team to offer greater resistance and to look more natural.


This solution is the most economical one. The implants are made of titanium and the quantity is determined by the quality of the bone. The material of the teeth is a mixture of materials, also developed by our technical staff, including peek and composite to offer a fusion of superior quality. It is suitable for both jaws.

Boneless patients

We use different types of implants for complete rehabilitation in patients with or without little bone in both the lower and upper jaw. We specialize in these complex cases and we have many years of training and experience in the use of zigomatic, inclined, larger implants, mini, short, etc. The material of the teeth is also in Zirconium. We will find the solution to your needs

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