Single Implant

Unitary Dental Implant is the best choice for you, when you have lost one dental piece. If the tooth that you have lost is an Anterior Tooth (lncisiors & Canine Teeth) we will perform Tissue Graft in order to maintain and preserve the volume for better aesthetics.

When we are missing a single tooth the best option is always a dental implant as we maintain the bone, we do not touch the teeth adjacent to the edentulous area and it is easier to clean than a bridge.

Bridge (Multiple) Dental Implants

Depending on the area to be rehabilitated and the size of the implants, it will be necessary to place more or fewer implants. When there is enough bone two long implants are used to replace 3 missing teeth.

Thus, in the anterior (incisor and canine) areas, two implants can be used to rehabilitate three or four teeth, but in the posterior (molar) zones, being the zone of maximum mastication force, a greater number of implants are preferable (For example three implants for four teeth or three implants for three teeth), always taking into account the available length and bone volume.

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