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From 45 euros a month

Thanks to our technology we can offer you a visualization of the final smile before starting an orthodontic treatment

Benefits of 3StepAligners methodology

3StepAesthetics allows us to offer the best results in only 3 visits to the clinic

By using the most advanced technology and having control of the entire process, we can reduce the number of visits to the clinic and the time devoted to each visit. This allows us to offer faster treatments that offer better results compared to traditional dentistry.

Thanks to our technology, we can plan and execute safer and more precise procedures.

The digitally planned treatments are carefully analyzed and designed by a multidisciplinary team of expert dentists. All aspects of the treatment and all possible outcomes are taken into account during planning.

Our methodology allows us to reproduce the design of your smile with perfect precision

Our experience and methodology, combined with state-of-the-art digital technology, allow us to show the final result to the majority of our patients, even before starting treatment. This is the only way to guarantee the satisfaction of our patient with his new smile.

What kind of orthodontic solutions do we do?

We have at your disposal all kinds of invisible solutions and we have extensive experience in the technology used by:


together with our traditional solutions

We have finance plans

Get your orthodontic treatment from

45 euros / month

3StepAligners treatment steps

Smile Design & Digital Planning

  • First, some photographs will be taken to design your ideal smile.
  • Then we will obtain an ITERO scan that will allow us to carry out a complete 3D analysis of your teeth. Thanks to this technology, the patient is part of the team in the design of his new smile, it is revised, modified until the approval.
  • The biggest advantage of having a multidisciplinary team of dentists working in your case, is the contribution of a specialization when determining the best treatment plan to achieve the ideal smile.
  • Your dentist will explain the entire treatment plan convenient.

Your set of aligners

  • Your dentist will give you different ALIGNERS, which you will use for 1 week each.
  • You will have a CHECK UP every month, to monitor the evolution of the treatment. You must take your aligners at least 20h per day. Remove them for eating, drinking and brushing.
  • Once you have completed the ALIGNER SEQUENCE, your teeth will be aligned!

The final smile

  • Your dentist will check your teeth and confirm that everything is as expected.
  • Post-treatment photographs

Aesthetic brackets

It is made of ceramic or porcelain. They can be clear or colored the same color as your teeth, thus combining much better with the aesthetics of your mouth.

At Crooke Marbella dental clinic, we use the 3StepAligners methodology for our orthodontic treatments. In just three steps you can have the smile you’ve always wanted. Our design technology can show you the final result before you decide, and this methodology means fewer appointments for you.

This choice of treatment has the ability to solve almost the same problems as the metal ones and is a less expensive option than Invisalign.



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