Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Digital Smile Design methodology provides the patient with visual mock up of the final results allowing you know exactly what your new smile will look like.

Our Cosmetic Treatments

3 Step Aesthetics allows us to deliver the best results in only 3 visits to the clinic

By using the most advanced technology and planning techniques, and having direct control over the whole process, we can reduce the number of visits to the clinic and the time spent on each visit. This allows us to offer faster treatments that return better results compared to traditional dentistry.



What is an Aesthetics?

When one or more teeth are lost, the gum and bone below them can be damaged and lost. Dental Implants are placed in the jaw and substitute the root of the teeth, stopping gum and bone retraction.

Implants are used to retain crowns, bridges and dentures, and offer great stability and durability in a fixed non-removable way. They are the best solution for patients with missing teeth or no teeth at all and offer the best restoration in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


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The Steps of 3 Step Aesthetics

Smile design

  • Our patient coordinator will help you coordinate an appointment at the most convenient time
  • The smile design team will take the necessary photographs to design your ideal smile
  • Together with the smile design team you will review, modify and approve the smile design
  • You will get an appointment for the smile test

Smile Test

  • Your dentist will place the smile test in your mouth
  • They will take more photos and videos to show you the difference between your actual smile and your new smile
  • Your dentist will explain all the advisable treatment options and help you decide which ones are the most convenient for you
  • Treatment plan & quotation approval

The final beautiful & natural smile

  • Your dentist will perform the treatment you selected
  • They will explain the best practices to keep your smile beautiful and healthy
  • Post treatment photos
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